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Help Figaro escape the clutches of a monster spider as he races through his gothic mansion. He’s got the place rigged with gadgets but you better act

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Plays great with full controller support on SHIELD Portable, SHIELD Tablet, and Android TV.Pew pew pew RETRO STYLE! Shoot enemies, survive, gain lives

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One man, no man? What about the robot armed with onboard replicator?This is a three-dimensional story of the scout drone adventures. Yeah, the adventu

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Thank you very much for incredible support and interest. Now, Destiny Defense: Angel or Devil is 66% OFF ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME.★★★ Top 10 Role Play

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High Flyer Jetpack Tests (com.gms.HFDDJPTFINAL)

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This is the end of the world. You are totally alone in this bloody city. And all you can see around you is zombies, zombies, and zombies. Human's d

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Bard's Tale

★★★★★ “The Bard’s Tale is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played” – IGN ★★★★★ ★★★★★ Google Play Editor's Choice ★★★★★ ★★★★★ Best of 2012 - Ga

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* Please don't buy this version* It is only for updates* This used to be "AirAttack HD - Part 2"If you got any problems with AirAttack HD please send

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Little Stars for Little Wars 2 is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, where the player has a simple objective: move through the neutral star systems in o

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Play Resident Evil 4 Platinum, the game that changed survival horror forever! Experience

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Two 1.4

TwoTwo balls, Two fingers, Two ways Like in the psychotechnical test.Get the best scoreThank you very much for playing TWO (c)2014

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Feel yourself a authentic ninja! Allow us start you the outdo contemporary gallery game! Binge yourself toward a sensational risk! Begin on a dange

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Roundhouse 1.2.1

Roundhouse is a 2D-Physics action game that takes you, the world's toughest rock star, to Hell and back. Inspired by old school arcade brawlers, Round

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JetDudes 1.01

Jet Dudes is a very enjoyable side-scrolling jet flying game! Choose one of three dudes and try to fly as far as you can. Avoid enemies or shoot the

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The hardest game ever! 36 stages of adventure and puzzle is waiting for your challenge. It's a game for the most brilliant people in the world. Caut

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Dance Legend 1.05.20120417.0

The Fun & Free Music Game with Real Dance Moves *****OWN THE DANCE FLOOR WITH DANCE LEGEND!**

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Prison Ball 1.0.3

Break Down the walls and Break Out of prison in this addictive yet simple “break the bricks” title. Set in the deep, dark depths of a state peniten

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Best on High end phones.Now with OpenFeint !!★ Angry Viking ★ is an intense close combat experience. Slaughter your way through hordes of enemies and

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