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Healthy eating is the new hot trend! Cash in on it by opening your own healthy vegetarian restaurant. Prepare delicious low fat dishes with the best o

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●○●○●○●○カプセルタウンへようこそ!●○●○●○● マシンを回して、街づくり。 眺めて育てる、シンプルな放置シミュレーションゲーム。 ※このアプリは課金ナシで楽しめる完全無料のゲーム新作アプリです。 ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ 完全無料で簡単なので誰でも気軽に街づ

37.23 MB
Fashion Empire - Boutique Sim tempo aggiornato 2.91.3

Express yourself and become a style maven in the #1 dressup boutique simulation game! Designed for style savvy women of all ages, it’s free to play an

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Elvenar tempo aggiornato 1.88.3

BUILD THE CITY OF YOUR DREAMS IN MAGICAL ELVENAR Choose between elves and humans to build a beautiful, fantasy city. Discover a world of magic and mys

96.13 MB
Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG tempo aggiornato 1.82.3

Join the Guild of Heroes and fight the forces of evil in a new fantasy world full of adventures and danger. Here, you'll find a way to glory and recog

95.7 MB
Bee Factory tempo aggiornato 1.21.9

Welcome to the most exciting Bee idle game! Are you ready to manage your own factory and become the richest man alive? - Unlock +100 super fun bees -

35.27 MB
Talion tempo aggiornato 2.3.10

The Talion are at war. Answer the call and choose your side in this exhilarating MMORPG. Utilize your speed and strength to claim victory. The fate of

86.82 MB

☆大人気バトルファンタジー「FAIRY TAIL」☆ ☆最新アプリが登場!☆   ◆お馴染みのキャラが大量登場!◆ ナツやルーシィ、グレイ、エルザ等の主要キャラは もちろんの事、マカオやビスカ、ボラなどのレアな キャラまでも登場! リリース時から使用可能キャラ数はなんと70体以上!自分だけのドリーム

85.09 MB

【NARUTOアプリの最新作】 全世界で登録者1000万人を突破! ナルティメットシリーズ初のアプリゲームが“忍フォーメーションバトル”として登場! ------------ ゲーム概要 ------------ ◆◇新感覚忍フォーメーションバトル◇◆ 直観的な操作で、本格的な戦略バトルが楽しめる!

69.27 MB

大人気クイズRPG!! クイズに答えながらクエストを進める冒険ファンタジー。オンラインで全国のプレイヤーと協力・対戦もできる!知識を高め、白熱バトルを繰り広げよう! 「クイズRPG 魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ」のダウンロードは無料。面倒な登録や難しい操作も不要です。 一流の魔法使いを目指し、ウィズととも

82.57 MB
Demon Blade tempo aggiornato 1.21

Join your friends in DEMON BLADE, enjoy our ACTION-RPG combat, save the world from corruption and become a true RONIN. DEMON BLADE is a FREE TO PLAY A

138.68 MB
Life Simulator: Prohibition Mafia tempo aggiornato 2.2

Welcome to Life Simulator: Prohibition Mafia. It's 1929. The stock markets have crashed. You simulate the life of Luigi Capone. Luigi is a former fact

22.46 MB
Five Heroes: The King's War tempo aggiornato 2.3.2

General! The land needs you. The skeletons are upon us and our great heroes don't know what to do without an experienced commander such as yourself. R

74.05 MB
Megane Drift & Driving Simulator tempo aggiornato 3.2

Are you bored with other fake simulation games? This Simulation game is for you. Get the Renault Megane odel car. Drift or drive whatever you want. Th

67.99 MB
Charger Drift & Driving Simulator tempo aggiornato 3.2

Are you bored with other fake simulation games? This Simulation game is for you. Get the Dodge Charger model car. Drift or drive whatever you want. Th

70.41 MB
My Cafe Story tempo aggiornato 17

Let's cook using the ingredients grown in the farm! No penalty for abandoning the game. Expand the store by selling lots of food! Let's run your own c

24.72 MB
My Cafe Story3 -DONBURI SHOP- tempo aggiornato 11

Completely free throughout, hands-on role-playing restaurant game. New series for "My Cafe Story" downloaded total of 900,000! No penalty for time-out

37.74 MB
My Cafe Story2 -ChocolateShop- tempo aggiornato 16

Long-awaited sequel to "My Cafe Story" downloaded 400,000 times world-wide. My Cafe Story2 is a game where you can experience shop management with sim

27.16 MB
Design Games Elisa Designer tempo aggiornato 5.6

Hello girls! We are happy to dedicate this game to all the design games lovers. Have you ever dreamed to make your own dress? If the answer is yes the

15.81 MB
Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters tempo aggiornato 4.1.1

Play it with just one finger! Simple and instantly addictive gameplay! The game is for real lazy ones, doesn't require a lot of time: the characters e

38.37 MB