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DeckDecker tempo aggiornato 23.9.20f

モンスターコレクションTCG(モンコレTCG)のデック構築ツールです。 カードが手元にない場合でも、デックの検討をすることが出来ます。 【使い方】 最初に表示される画面は、デックレシピの画面です。 「カードリスト」ボタンを押すことで、カードリスト画面に遷移し、カードをレシピに追加することが出来ます。

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Bid Whist - Classic tempo aggiornato 2.3.2

Bid Whist is an exciting, popular partnership trick-taking game. It is played with a standard 52 card deck plus 2 jokers, for a total of 54 cards. The

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Thirty-One Online tempo aggiornato 3.00

Thirty-One, also known as Hosn Obe, Big Tonka, Nickel Nock, Blitz, Clinker, Klinker, Skat, Cad, Whammy, Skedaddle, Snip Snap Snoop, Schnautz or Schnit

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Fifteen Puzzle Solitaire tempo aggiornato 5.1.1894

Popular card game specially optimized for Android. Play easily and smoothly, enjoy animation and easy control RULES: Build 13 piles of 4 cards of the

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Pişti Online tempo aggiornato 1.5.1

2000 yılından itibaren milyonların oynadığı Gamyun Pişti şimdi telefonunda, üstelik ÜCRETSİZ. Artık her yerde oyun oynayıp arkadaşlarınla sohbet edebi

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Equity App Free tempo aggiornato 1.3

Analyze and improve your Texas Holdem poker game. With this poker equity calculator you can determine the probability of winning a poker hand. It is a

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Spit ! Speed ! Card Game Free tempo aggiornato 1.8.5

Spit! is an implementation of the popular card game Spit or Speed or Slam: a fast paced games for two players in which the aim is to get rid of your c

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Doppelkopf am Stammtisch Free tempo aggiornato 3.4

Doppelkopf am Stammtisch - kostenlos spielen - ohne Anmeldung :-) Doppelkopf, der Kartenspiel Klassiker! Spiel jetzt Doko mit Sprachausgabe und Hinter

15.19 MB
正宗广东麻将 tempo aggiornato 3.7

最正宗的广东麻将游戏来啦! JoyGames出品的《正宗广东麻将》是一款单机广东麻将游戏,支持鸡平胡规则和广东推倒胡麻将(新支持推倒胡带鬼)规则,轻松享受四人麻将的乐趣。 《正宗广东麻将》界面美观大方,麻将牌面清晰,真人语音,操作方便,自动的进度保存功能让您随时随地享受麻将游戏带来的欢乐。 你在游戏

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Tute Cabrero tempo aggiornato 6.11.11

Tute Cabrero is a variant of Tute very popular in South America. The players must either get the least amount of tricks (points) or the highest, but i

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★ HAND REPLAYS ★ Confused about a particular hand win or loss at the table? Now get an instant replay of any game and investigate what happened. 100%

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PorcuFree tempo aggiornato quiil3

Alpha 1

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Pmang Gostop with BAND tempo aggiornato 72.0

언제 어디서나 고스톱은 피망 뉴맞고 with BAND! ✌ (Any time, any where, Pmang New Matgo)모바일 No1. 피망 뉴맞고 with BAND를 소개합니다~ 피망 뉴맞고 with BAND를 무료로 다운로드 받으세요~!피망 뉴맞고 with

89.9 MB
Eternal Card Game tempo aggiornato 1.52.1

RAISE THE BANNER With spells and swords, six-guns and subterfuge, heroes collide in the struggle for the Eternal Throne. Where will you stand? Join th

57.8 MB
Buraco: Free Canasta Cards tempo aggiornato 4.1.3

Buraco, also know as Burraco, Biriba, Canasta or Canastra, is a traditional card game in many Latin American countries and Italy. In Buraco: Free Cana

40.87 MB
피망 섯다 tempo aggiornato 51.0

진짜 손맛의 진수! 베팅과 배짱의 끝판왕! 자꾸만 손이간다, 중독되는 재미! 새롭게 리뉴얼된 피망섯다에서 긴장감 넘치는 베팅을 즐겨보세요 :) ★피망 섯다 ×100배 즐기기★✔ 섯다 우주최초 세계 최초 잭팟시스템 전격오픈! 매일밤 어마어마한 잭팟이 터진다!! 100억찬

77.23 MB

언제 어디서나 고스톱은 피망 뉴맞고! ✌ (Any time, any where, Pmang New Matgo)모바일 No1. 피망 뉴맞고를 소개합니다~ 피망 뉴맞고를 무료로 다운로드 받으세요~! ✔ "치면 칠수록" 재미가 늘어나go~ - 한 판 한 판마다 쌓이는 구슬로

89.52 MB

Popular Pyramid Solitaire card game for your Android! Play easily, enjoy easy and intuitive controls! Paid AD-FREE version is here: http://ext.softick

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Königrufen 2.0.02

Ein Kartenspiel für 4 Spieler, das hauptsächlich im Gebiet der ehemaligen Donaumonarchie gespielt wird. Siehe auch: Wikipedia Königrufen Auf Facebook

21.48 MB
S*ithead 1.85

Implementation of the s*ithead (censored) card game. Amusing and entertaining game to kill a few minutes. Played by travelers and students all around

5.41 MB