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简洁记账 4.3.2

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HTC Sense Input 7.10.816771

HTC Sense Input speeds up your typing and reduces accidental errors. It learns from your input and selections and offers you more precise word candida

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Alarm 2.2.0

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MarkAsRead 1.21

MarkAsRead allows you to mark a Gmail e-mail as read directly from the notification no root required . It works by intercepting and cloning the noti

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云南移动 5.0.4

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山笔记 2.0.6

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魔片 1.0.2

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AntTek Quick Settings is a decent app to quickly alter device settings, launch apps, quick calls. XDA forum: "Plenty of setting apps, but this one t

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Easy Net 1.0.7

A set of tools useful network with easy user for the analysis and tuning WiFi networks and ... measure the speed of Internet they have and a list of

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QR Code Reader is the fastest and most user-friendly QR code scanner available. If your Android came with a built-in scanner, this would be it. Here i

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弹弹Play 2.3.5

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假装熄屏 1.666

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*** ROOTED APPARATUS ESSENTIAL *** If your stratagem is hardly rooted, or you are negative infallible, or you don't understand what "rooted" coarse

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Svuota Cache 3.23.12

"Cache Clear" is a fast clearing tool which can help you clean up cache and traces. After cleaning up these data, you phone system will be effectively

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AcClient 1.1.0

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