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诗词中国 2.1.6

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贝阅 又一个第三方西贝阅读器- 支持阅读- 查看评论- 回复/顶踩特点:简洁, 没有额外的乱七八糟美观, Material Design干净, 无额外权限

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DISCLAIMER: TV App is a third-party API player compliant with YouTube’s terms of service. All YouTube videos, episodes, music and tv shows including C

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儒豹段子 3.2.5


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全新iWeekly for Android版进化空前,结合指尖出众互动,精致图文跃然欲出。每日奉上环球视野、独家故事、智趣观点和名家专栏,可掌中观世界,一指知天下。 *为何选择全新iWeekly for Android版: 01. 五百万精英读者选择的最优中文新媒体; 02. 免费高速下载,

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简书 4.14.1

简书是一个基于内容分享的社区,杂文时政、小说诗歌、电影评论、科技新闻,无论你的兴趣如何构成,总能在这里找到志趣相投的用户与内容,并与他们展开互动。 简书致力于提供最好的分享体验。简单优雅的设计,给用户带来前所未有的愉快感受;包罗万象的专题,使得用户更容易发现自己喜爱的内容,与同好交流。 本款App正

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NHK News 4.21

This apps will suite with JLPT N1 - N4 level.This app is FREE and NO ads, with OFFLINE MODE which you can now download preferred article for offline v

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Berminal is a real-time cryptocurrency news platform with a full-time staff of professional reporters creating and curating content. Berminal delivers

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The TechCrunch app is the best way to get the hottest technology news on your tablet and phone. Browse the latest TechCrunch headlines with a flick of

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【スマートフォンにタブレット版アプリが表示される現象について】 現在Android 7.0(Nougat)の不具合で、一部のお客様のスマートフォンにインストールしたYahoo! JAPANアプリがタブレット版のアプリで表示される現象が確認されています。 詳細な原因や対処方法はGoogleにて調査中で

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今日头条 7.3.7

★用户量超过60,000,000的新闻阅读客户端 ★占领AppStore新闻类榜首8个月 ★每天用户总在线时长18亿分钟 ★每天社交平台分享量达50万次 ★5秒钟掌握你的阅读兴趣点 今日头条,完全区别于其他新闻客户端和阅读软件,秒懂你的阅读喜好,秒杀你的碎片化时间。 聚合网易

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Geek park, "business value", "Chinese Internet innovation product selection (InnoApps)", 2011 annual award for best mobile applicationsTechWeb - "2011

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IT之家 6.90

有人的地方,就有江湖;有电脑手机平板的地方,就有IT之家。IT之家(是国内一流的提供IT业界和数码产品资讯的泛科技媒体 。IT之家快速精选泛科技新闻,分享即时的行业新闻动态、潮流的数码产品资讯、前沿的科技创新趋势,提供给力的PC和手机技术文章、丰富的系统应用美化资源。I

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汽车之家 10.0.8

This is a software for iphone developed by,adhering to's excellent user experience.It will provide the following funct

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ABC 6.1.0

A customisable app that keeps you up-to-date with stories that matter to you. Set up the ABC app to conveniently collate all the topics of interest to

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BaBe+ A news app that gives you an unending stream of news from hundreds of media publishers and thousands of contributors. It is the best news app in

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RT is a 24/7 English-language news channel. We are set to show you how any story can be another story altogether. Broadcasting over six continents and

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*Thank you for all your positive reviews we really appreciate them!* Need to check your lotto ticket quickly? SA Lotto & Powerball Results has the lat

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