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F18 Carrier Landing Lite tempo aggiornato 7.3.9

The most advanced Flight Simulator and Aircraft Carrier Landing System ever created. Landing on an aircraft carrier is one of the most difficult tasks

26.89 MB
Jelly Juice tempo aggiornato 1.45.0

Jelly Juice is a brand new match-three game that will "wonderwow" you with its luscious jellies, glittering game play, and sugar-coated challenges all

98.82 MB
SBK16 Official Mobile Game tempo aggiornato 1.3.0

The 2016 Motul FIM Superbike World Championship has a new contender and that is YOU: the SBK Official Mobile Game is back and now totally FREE TO PLAY

36.26 MB
SBK15 Official Mobile Game tempo aggiornato 1.5.0

NEW!!! Check out the “Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation” bonus track: be an IMF agent and outrun the Syndicate to retrieve classified intel in Casabl

22.37 MB
Safe Cracker tempo aggiornato 19.0

Safecraker is a game that has tre code numbers that the user must find out by hearing the dial turns. Short tutorial 1.The dial has constant speed 2.P

2.55 MB
Champions Destiny tempo aggiornato 2.6

Marvel at the unique twist on Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) tailored for a legendary mobile experience. In Champions Destiny, PvP games are

41.41 MB
Mushroom Wars 2 tempo aggiornato 2.3.5

Immerse into the fierce battles with the award-winning real-time strategy game. * Best Mobile Game at GTP Indie Cup 2017 * Best Multiplayer Game at In

43.13 MB
The Letter - Horror Visual Novel tempo aggiornato 1.1.5

[This game features English language only! Translations to follow.] ABOUT The Letter is an interactive, horror/drama visual novel inspired by classic

14.7 MB
Wonderful Island tempo aggiornato 1.3.0

Hi! I'm your housekeeper, Brook. And welcome for your arriving, Master! This is the island that the old one left for you. He hoped that you could brin

26.98 MB
Catan Universe tempo aggiornato 1.5.2

After a long, difficult journey, you have reached the coast of an unknown island! Yet other explorers have also landed on Catan: The competition for s

28.65 MB
Strike Fighters Modern Combat tempo aggiornato 1.6.0

Dominate the skies! Modern jet fighters flight game on the go! Use your phone's tilt sensor to fly modern jet fighters and engage in epic aerial battl

37.35 MB
Friday Night Multiplayer tempo aggiornato 1.2beta

in this Survival multiplayer horror game : try to survive in the forest with a heartless killer who wants to kill you and your friends. In this game y

21.5 MB
叫我官老爺 - 原創當官手游 tempo aggiornato 1.9.07187

《叫我官老爺》是壹款原創經營養成官鬥手遊,遊戲以當官第壹視覺生動呈現,娶妻納妾、生孩養娃、家族結盟、聯盟爭霸、培養門客、玩家PK 、多人社交等精彩玩法。 【原創劇情,超強代入感】 恭喜官老爺金榜題名,獲皇上禦賜從九品官位,接旨上任!官場雲湧,派系林立,步入官場是做個安靜低調的九品芝麻官,還是權傾朝野

15.09 MB
Legend of Vikings tempo aggiornato

Legend of Vikings is a free to play warship strategy game that supports multiplayer in real time! Battle ,Sail and trade with other players from all o

17.11 MB
Vainglory tempo aggiornato

Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play’s Festive Updates A Winter Wonderland: A fresh layer of snow and ice has been added to the Halcyon Fold. W

14.91 MB
大富翁4Fun tempo aggiornato 3.1

Enjoy classic monopoly game play in Richman 4 fun's world where you can use your business strategies to be one of the millionaires building your own w

18.67 MB
Drift Online tempo aggiornato 1.2.4

* Enjoy infinite possibilities to drift, race and buy new cars! * Choose your favorite racing car and upgrade it to get higher points when drifting wi

74.28 MB

由东映动画正版授权,《阿拉蕾大冒险》上线之后受到了众多玩家的青睐,Lizz彤彤,Cody Hong,韓曉噯 Hanxiiaoaii,YangBaobei等知名网红都在亲身体验后强烈推荐,同时,各大媒体网站大屏宣传曝光,并发布上线新闻! 《阿拉蕾大冒险》是一款极易上手的休闲竞技弹射手游,将动画角色作为

56.91 MB
Slickpoo : Evil Neighbor tempo aggiornato 1.1.7

His raven is his third eye.
 His velvet bear is his alarm. He is intelligent.
 He is rude.
 He is fast. He laughs hysterically while he chases you. Yo

69.65 MB
Multiplayer shooting arena A2S2K tempo aggiornato 1.3.6

A2S2K is a new multiplayer and singleplayer FPS shooter game. It features tactical gameplay, high-quality graphics and fast-paced action. You could pl

29.51 MB