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8-BIT tempo aggiornato 2.65

[8-BIT] is acronym of the [8-BIT Icon Theme]. ▪ 2,700+ icons.▪ 8-bit Size.▪ 8-bit Color.▪ xxhdpi Rendered.▪ Dashboard & Icon request tool.▪ For Apex,

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Backup Master tempo aggiornato

257 1.8 MB
Lookout Enterprise Security tempo aggiornato

This app is only for business users enrolled in the Lookout Enterprise Security program. To download Lookout for personal use, search the Play Store f

235 8.73 MB
Electrum Drum tempo aggiornato 4.8.4

Programmable drum machine. Want to make your own killer beats? Rock that subwoofer in your car or home theatre? From Dub to Hip Hop, to Trap beats - E

4869 6.39 MB
QKSMS tempo aggiornato 2.7.3

Remember when text messaging was like magic?QKSMS (pronounced Q-K-S-M-S) brings a refreshingly modern, beautiful and responsive touch to the stale sta

923 4.76 MB
有道考研 tempo aggiornato 2.0.1

1 6.77 MB
Act 1 Video Player tempo aggiornato 3.14.0

The most full-featured player for video media on your sdcard! Lots of unique features.→ Please try the free trial version before buying this paid ver

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3D Gallery tempo aggiornato 2.0

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TheDay tempo aggiornato 0.2.5


32 1.73 MB
ZERO tempo aggiornato 3.33.2

ZERO Launcher, the smallest, fastest, perfect launcher! Want mobile phone to be faster? manage your phone and enjoy variety free themes& wallpapers, p

1368 7.13 MB
新浪好声音 tempo aggiornato 1.5.4

新浪好声音- 随时随地尽享K歌体验,人人都可变身K歌达人,爱唱歌的人一起来唱吧,支持新浪微博、QQ空间、人人分享哦!新浪好声音 - 新声代挚爱的手机K歌软件,不只是唱歌、刷花,更融合了最具乐趣的社交互动功能:最平民化K歌应用,用你的声音为你代言: 这里没有推荐榜,发自内心的认可才是唯一的排

63 6.67 MB
奇遇电影 tempo aggiornato 2.1.1

△ 最美应用、爱范儿、少数派推荐应用资深电影编辑团队每日更新最有品、有料的电影资讯和深度解读;同时,巴塞电影集结泛华语圈优秀电影内容创作者的力量,为所有热爱电影的人提供多角度、多元化的电影内容。-巴塞快讯:每天推送最新鲜的电影资讯,首发海报、预告片、精彩花絮抢先看。-巴塞专访:电影圈的大事儿少不了我

0 15.2 MB
Colors tempo aggiornato 0.1.1

Colors theme is for custom CM12 / 12.1 / 13 based ROM with the new Theme Chooser Engine Please make sure you are running the latest version of your RO

105 16.93 MB
Pano tempo aggiornato 1.0.6a

Pano is an award-winning app that lets you take beautiful, seamless panoramic photos straight from your phone, no other software necessary. Pano has g

951 1.15 MB
网易云阅读 tempo aggiornato 5.3.2

网易云阅读,令全民爱上阅读的给力APP!全方位数字出版凭条, 60万册海量好书,优质文学及影视IP孵化平台,数十位明显和作家联袂推荐,有态度的阅读产品。【全方位数字出版平台】优质原创小说、精彩畅销图书、新拉资讯观点,【60万册好书】汇聚成有态度的在线书城。【三大频道清新改版】男频、女频、出版三大束层

5 21.39 MB
Hitokoto tempo aggiornato

1 2.04 MB
悠米解霸 tempo aggiornato 01.01.06

15 1.81 MB
App Quarantine tempo aggiornato 1.25.1

The ultimate tool for root users to FREEZE unwanted apps on your droid! Quickly get rid of the overrated BLOAT that is added by your phone manufacture

1442 1.2 MB
十个 tempo aggiornato v1.5

3 4.54 MB
ADW.Launcher 1 tempo aggiornato

The original ADW.Launcher, the one that changed the game and made you enjoy your home screen customization.No device is old, ADW.Launcher 1 will make

13 2.35 MB
商业周刊 tempo aggiornato 4.1.4

《商业周刊/中文版》Android版是专为移动智能手机量身定制的客户端,最独家的政商牛人访谈、最深度的公司调查、最权威的商业趋势解读,一切尽在“掌中”。为什么选择《商业周刊/中文版》Android版:1.提供最国际化、最启发商业灵感、最有趣的商业报道——《商业周刊/中文版》(Bloomberg Bu

7 17.73 MB
Peekaboo moments tempo aggiornato

Peekaboo Moments App is being used by millions of parents around the world. It’s the simplest way to save your baby photos online and create a lifetim

36 22.55 MB
春雨育儿 tempo aggiornato 2.4.5

2 17.95 MB
出发吧 tempo aggiornato 3.8.2

自助游做计划,手机轻松搞定!iOS版已获苹果AppStore首页精品推荐,AppSolution、小众软件、爱屁屁等知名应用评测媒体重点推荐,解救旅行伸手党,一秒变旅行计划小能手!旅行前用出发吧做好计划,旅行中高效查看行程,旅行后用旅行志轻松记录旅行~【六大亮点功能】1. 精选旅行达人优质行程,一键

0 19.46 MB
AnMMS tempo aggiornato 0.92

70 158.26 KB
GO Weather tempo aggiornato 1.9.21

- Live, local weather conditions and forecasts - Gorgeous 3D high-definition weather videos  - High-impact visual eye candy and satin-smooth ani

839 5.42 MB
微信表情斗图王 tempo aggiornato 1.2.1

12 17.35 MB
XDA Feed tempo aggiornato 0.26.3.pixel

XDA Feed is a "feed" of the best of the best for the Pixel/Pixel XL, updated several times per day. Whether it's a new ROM, kernel, or mod to keep you

7 7.94 MB
PlanMaker Mobile tempo aggiornato 1.0

PlanMaker Mobile is the only spreadsheet for Android that lets you open, edit, and save all your Microsoft Excel worksheets with all data, formulas, a

1625 8.81 MB
 图吧导航 tempo aggiornato

Mapbar Map is a mobile phone map software produced by Beijing Mapbar Technology Co., Ltd. At present, it supports CELL-ID、WIFI fast positioning、Surrou

66 37.15 MB
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