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Background defocus tempo aggiornato 2.2.5

Background defocus - take photos in a professional styleLet the object in focus stand out. The Background defocus app simulates a shallow depth of fie

4499 3.45 MB
快的打车 tempo aggiornato 4.3

软件介绍:快的打车,北半球最好用的打车神器!衣食住行,快的打车给您最好的出行体验!帝都魔都、香港拉萨,覆盖全国300个城市!超1亿用户出行必备的打车APP!等你来体验!亮点:- 「打车最快」高达 90% 的成功率!- 「安全可靠」正规司机全部登记在案!- 「车辆最多」全国超100万辆出租车!- 「用

65 13.3 MB
Floating Compass tempo aggiornato 1.3

This is a simple compass application which helps to to locate direction.The prime feature of this application is its ability to float over other appli

299 2.01 MB
Layar tempo aggiornato 8.5.3

Connect digital content with the real world with Layar - the world’s #1 augmented reality app.Scan print materials enhanced with Layar to view rich di

150 9.87 MB
Barcode Scanner+ tempo aggiornato 1.12.2

Barcode Scanner+, from Sean Owen of ZXing Team, uses the camera on your device to read barcodes of all kinds. After scanning barcodes you find on prod

7689 1.16 MB
ShopSavvy tempo aggiornato 10.7.2

ShopSavvy is making shopping simpler, easier and more fun than ever before!With a super sleek design and more merchants and products than any other ap

40 16.91 MB
腾讯实时公交 tempo aggiornato

10 2.85 MB
百度天眼 tempo aggiornato

19 7.13 MB
AppSales tempo aggiornato 5.6.1

Get the best apps, games and wallpapers on sale!Features: • Get notified about new sales • Only the best apps • Like and comment sales • Price his

259 3.97 MB
Camera51 tempo aggiornato 1.1.6

Camera51 automatically detects and analyzes faces, scenes, objects and lines and guides you to the perfect frame in every click.Camera51 invites you t

760 17.51 MB
亚马逊购物 tempo aggiornato

亚马逊 为Android系统设计的掌上亚马逊可以让用户通过一个渐变精美的界面,快速便捷地在亚马逊上进行商品的搜索、浏览、购买、对比以及查看评价。这款应用程序中的条码扫描功能可以让用户通过扫描商品条码,即时获得商品的详细信息,亚马逊价格,以及库存信息。用户可在此软件种享受与电脑网站中一样的购物车功能

95 22.5 MB
途牛旅游 tempo aggiornato 9.0.7


15 33.28 MB
Field Trip tempo aggiornato 2.0.9

"Oh, the Places Your Phone Will Find" - Wall Street Journal"Field Trip can help guide the way..." - AllThingsD"The future of Augmented Reality" - The

32 5.18 MB
百度团购 tempo aggiornato 4.3.0

【软件名称】百度团购 android 4.1.1【介绍】 百度团购是国内最大的团购聚合平台,我们专注为您提供最棒的团购体验。 最全团购:完美聚合数百家知名团购站点数百万团单,您在尽情浏览的同时可以直接支付购买,体验一站式团购体验; 最低价格:自动为您从多个团单中挑选出价格最低的团购,不让你花一

24 13.51 MB
掌城路况通V1 tempo aggiornato 1.0

1 141.15 KB
Spring pro tempo aggiornato 2.0.4

Fashion photos created using JUST your fingertips!Our height stretching app has come back with a Slimming & Head resizing function!The worldwide best

1404 3.87 MB
Mosaic Art Lab tempo aggiornato 1.3.6

Mosaic Art Lab transforms pictures into mosaics. It is a simple but powerful tool to explore, create and play with your photos. This mosaic photo app

49 6.53 MB
RMaps tempo aggiornato 0.9.4

869 721.7 KB
PhotoStitch tempo aggiornato 1.18

183 54.11 KB
1号店 tempo aggiornato 4.3.8

网购神器——掌上1号店手机客户端3.1版本华丽登场! 把一座大型超市轻松地装进你的手机,美食、百货、3C数码、服装样样齐全,动动手指就送到您家,为您省钱省力更省时间!1掌柜是实力派,除了不断更新新的绝招,过去的功夫也在变得炉火纯青:*业界良心* 1掌柜卖的所有商品正品保证!7天包退!15天包换!

25 44.4 MB
Gif Me! tempo aggiornato 1.30

Gif Me! is the best way to create and share short video in animated GIF. It's easy: capture a small moment with your built in camera, and share it on

562 7 MB
YouCam Perfect tempo aggiornato 5.17.1

Turn every selfie into perfection! YouCam Perfect enhances the natural beauty of your face the moment you capture the photo. This app includes an exte

14390 37.21 MB
Survival Tools Beta tempo aggiornato 1.0

Survival Tools with hints of Material Design!Are you a nature enthusiast? Do you like to travel or are you often in areas that are unknown to you?Surv

174 13.4 MB
ZP Dashboard Pro tempo aggiornato 2.0.0

139 83.85 KB
苏宁易购 tempo aggiornato 5.0.4

苏宁易购Android客户端完美融合线上线下资源,以清新优质的界面,拇指杀、团购、抢购等劲爆促销活动,快捷购物流程,安全支付方式,带给您最舒适的购物体验!核心功能 1.促销活动:抢购、团购、八联版,惊喜无限、实惠无限! 2.多元化搜索:百货电器、图书,条码、二维码,语音,想怎么搜就怎么搜!

30 44.9 MB
最美证件照 tempo aggiornato 2.0.2

247 12.98 MB
RunKeeper tempo aggiornato

130 600.85 KB
Camu tempo aggiornato 1.4

Take perfect photos and videos with the unique live filters. Magically bring out the details with the Clarity control. Camu offers in a clean and simp

520 20.2 MB
SmartGuider tempo aggiornato 1.0.0

17 1.69 MB
京东 tempo aggiornato 6.0.0

京东网上商城是中国最大的综合网购平台, 正品行货, 机打发票, 售后上门取件, 省钱又放心。商品品类覆盖家电、数码通讯、电脑、家居百货、服装服饰、母婴、图书、食品等12大类数万个品牌超百万种优质商品, 是网购用户首选。京东Android版是一款基于Android平台的网络购物软件,不仅具有下单、查询

107 47.01 MB
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