Chains ~beautiful chain reaction~ ; 1.1.0 [free]


It feels great! Chains create chains! Refreshing pull & shot!
Stimulate synapses in your brain! What?
◆ How to play ◆
• Pull on the screen while dragging.
• Aim at the ball in the screen, release your finger and shoot! !
• Chain of explosion starts when shots hit the ball!
◆ Rules ◆
• Chain the ball by the number of quota of each stage!
• Since the number of times you can shoot is limited, let's clear each level more and more within the limit!
• The score will increase steadily for each chain! Let's aim for high score!
◆ Features ◆
• Pleasant and cool direction! !
• Easy operation just tap and pull
• After clearing, share the exploding screen with images!
Recommended for ◆ People like this
· I like games that can be easily started with killing time
· I love cool directing

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  • Categoria: Rompicapo e puzzle
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  • Ultima versione: 1.1.0
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