ZenScreen - Track and limit screen time 2.2.8 [free]


Apps and devices are addictive. ZenScreen helps you regain control by letting you track screen time and set sensible rules to limit app and screen use.
ZenScreen works great for individuals as well as parents with kids (parental controls).
ZenScreen learns from your app use, monitors unhealthy usage, suggests breaks, and intelligently restricts access to apps in evenings and early mornings.
Know what apps you or your kids have used and for how long. Note: app time tracking works automatically without the need to upload screenshots daily.
See how many minutes are spent each day on productive vs entertainment apps. Find the perfect time balance that works for you.
Quickly check your phone for 10 minutes in the morning and then get a 20-minute break automatically to begin your day.
Set a healthy bedtime schedule (e.g. 9 pm to 7 am) to stop apps from working at bedtime, ending all-night video marathons or endless social media scrolling. A good night’s
rest leads to improved health and happiness.
Beat social network addiction by taking suggested mini-breaks throughout the day.
Set a digital allowance for entertainment apps (like social media, video, and games) and ZenScreen will help you and your kids stay within that limit (e.g. 90 minutes of
entertainment time daily). ZenScreen empowers kids to make smart choices.
Make apps disappear with the tap of a button for device-free dinner, family time, etc. Think of it as a mini-break from technology to help you recharge your brain.
Why kids like ZenScreen (yes, really):
* Respect for privacy: Kids see the exact same dashboard as you see. Nothing to hide.
* Empowerment: Once you agree on the right set of rules, kids can manage their own usage.
* Predictable: Let's face it, parents can be a bit “random” about screen time rules from day to day. ZenScreen makes things crystal clear and helps avert lots of fights
and frustrations.
*** For the best results, we encourage parents to talk to their kids about the upside of using ZenScreen.
3 easy steps to get started with parental controls:
1. Install ZenScreen on your device and create an account. This acts as your remote controller.
2. Install on Kid’s devices and log in with the same account
3. Agree upon screen rules with your kids and enjoy!!!
Pricing info:
* Free features: App usage dashboard. Split between entertainment and productive time.
* Premium features: You get 14-day free trial to test Smart Mornings, Calm Nights, Zen Breaks, Activity Limit and Quiet Time. After that, these features require a
subscription. We will not charge automatically unless you subscribe after the initial trial period. You can cancel anytime.
Some important info:
If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us at [email protected]
More info: www.zenscreen.ai
Zen Screen is brought to you by Zen Labs, Inc
We respect your family’s privacy, read our privacy policy here: www.zenscreen.ai/privacypolicy
Terms of service: www.zenscreen.ai/termsofservice

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