Ting Sensor 2.0.105 [free]


While smoke detectors only tell you that a fire is occurring, Ting monitors the electricity in your home 30 million times every second to detect small,
micro-arcs that can lead to electrical fires. If a hazard is detected, the Ting Support team will coordinate a licensed electrician to visit your home to find and fix the
hazard, and you receive up to $1,000 from Ting to cover the costs of the repair!
Beyond providing peace of mind for fire safety, Ting provides detailed analysis of your home’s power, and notifications of power outages, internet outages, and power surges
that can damage your sensitive, electronic devices. Over time, Ting’s machine learning algorithms will also provide important notifications on the performance of key
appliances like your HVAC. Within a few minutes of opening the box, you’ll have a fitness tracker for your home protecting what matters most!

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  • Nome del Applicazioni: Ting Sensor
  • Categoria: Lavoro
  • Nome APK: com.whiskerlabs.sparkfault.mobile
  • Ultima versione: 2.0.105
  • Requisito: 5.1 o superiore
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  • tempo aggiornato: 2021-09-15