Rocket Cleaner - Boost & Clean 1.0.7 [free]


Choose the right application to speed up the smartphone's work and restore a space.
Rocket Cleaner is the best application which can handle with trash cleaning and accelerating the work conditions of your Android device.
After downloading the Rocket Cleaner application you will be able to observe speed rate (which parameters ranges from slow to optimal) on the main screen of the app. The
speed rate scale would reflect the speed of your device at the moment depending on the RAM load and device storage indicator, presented in the form of percentage data as
well as the free/total ratio.
Also, there are some useful functions are available from the main application screen:
1. Junk files. This function allows to scan your device if there are some useless files and delete them after the check is ending. It may be useful in order to get some
extra free storage space.
2. Phone booster is checking already running applications and helps to restore the best working conditions of your smartphone or another Android device.
3. CPU cooler is a temperature monitoring and control function that detects and closes resource-intensive applications in order to reduce CPU load as well as a
temperature. You can operate CPU cooler with one click to get the desired outcome.
Also, you can configure notifications of an application. This particularly applies to CPU load and temperature, restoring file storage space, clean up reminder, and other
vital notifications.
The Rocket Cleaner app has the whitelist of applications. The application in the whitelist no longer needs to be checked or scanned by the main functions of the Rocket
Cleaner. This measure allows saving system resources by increasing the speed rate of the application and smartphone in general.
It further notes that user can clean storage space utilizing the tool called duplicate files. Here you can restore extra storage space deleting duplicate trash and useless
system files.
Optimize your CPU, RAM and file storage conditions with the Rocket Cleaner app, because it's the best way to make your phone the most powerful device you ever
If you have some questions or suggestions, please send the data via email.

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  • Nome del Applicazioni: Rocket Cleaner - Boost & Clean
  • Categoria: Strumenti
  • Nome APK:
  • Ultima versione: 1.0.7
  • Requisito: 4.0.3 o superiore
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  • tempo aggiornato: 2019-03-30