NextRadio Free Live FM Radio 6.0.2492.release [free]


The NextRadio app lets you experience live and local FM radio on your smartphone in a brand new way. Get a real-time view of what’s playing on-air and interact live with
your favorite local radio stations. Download FREE FM radio on your Android smartphone today!
NextRadio offers two ways to listen to live, local FM Radio. If your device has the FM receiver chip activated, you will be able to listen to local, terrestrial FM radio
which uses less data and saves your battery life compared to streaming. The activated FM chip allows you to listen to NextRadio during times of emergency, working even
when cell towers are down. The cord from your headphone or stereo cable act as an antenna to receive local FM radio signals.
If you don’t have a compatible phone you can stream radio stations through the NextRadio app.
• Tune in to live, local FM radio stations on your phone
• See what’s on-air with Live Guide or browse radio stations by genre or frequency
• See artwork and song information while you listen
• Buy the song you just heard right from your phone
• Get a list of recently played songs
• Give feedback on the songs you like or dislike
• Share what you're listening to on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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  • Nome del Applicazioni: NextRadio Free Live FM Radio
  • Categoria: Musica e audio
  • Nome APK: com.nextradioapp.nextradio
  • Ultima versione: 6.0.2492.release
  • Requisito: 4.4 o superiore
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  • tempo aggiornato: 2019-02-12