Bixby Button Remapper - bxActions 6.07 [free]


With bxActions you can remap the Bixby buttonto any action or app you like!
Use the Bixby button to mute your phone, take a screenshot, turn on flashlight or launch any app you like!
You can also disable the Bixby button if you like.
Optionally you can remap the volume buttons and Skip tracks with the volume buttons even when the screen is off!
Remap as you like!FEATURES:
• Bixby button double and long press support!
• Remap the Bixby button to any action!
• Remap the Volume buttons to any action!
• Disable th Bixby button
• Skip tracks with the volume buttons
• Different actions when phone is locked or unlocked
• High performance! No lags!
• No annoying adsACTIONS:
• Switch mute - sound profiles
• Take a screenshot
• Google Assistant
• Fullscreen Immersive mode
• Launch camera or any other app
• Toggle flashlight
• Switch to last app
• Disable Bixby button
• 30+ actions in totalTRANSLATIONS:
• You are welcome to translate bxActions into your language.
• To contribute just request access over here:
• Please always check if bxActions is compatible before updating Bixby or phone firmware!
• Samsung might block this app with future updates!
• This app is optimized for Samsung Galaxy devices
• Please activate / setup Bixby once before using the app.
• The Bixby button has to be pressed really quickly or it wont fire up the action.
This app uses Accessibility services.
This app is specially designed for users with disabilities to let them easily launch desired applications or actions by just pressing a button.

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  • Nome APK: com.jamworks.bxactions
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