UFO Explorer: Alien World X 8.0 [free]


Explore the lunar caverns of Alien World X in your spaceship. Maneuver through winding tunnels, avoid deadly enemy machines and land safely on the extraction pad to
complete the mission.
UFO Explorer: Alien World X is a challenging spaceship lander requiring skill, patience and precision. Inspired by the legendary lander game of the 1970s, it is easy to
play yet frustratingly difficult to master.
===================================UFO Explorer: Alien World X – Highlights
• Two huge, immersive alien worlds
• Over 100 challenging caverns to explore
• An army of deadly enemy machines to avoid
• Earn stars by landing your spaceship faster and unlock new levels▸ Your Mission
Tasked with exploring the underground caverns of a new alien world, your mission is to navigate the killer machine infested tunnels and land your flying saucer safely.
Using thrusters and precision, maneuver your UFO spaceship through over 100 challenging missions and 2 alien worlds.▸ Precision Thrust Controls
The controls help create an immersive spaceship flying experience. Tap the left and right side of the screen to engage the left and right thrusters and steer your ship.
Engage both thrusters to stabilize the flying saucer, allowing you to land safely.▸ Killer Enemy Machines
After landing your flying saucer in Alien World X, you discover you are not alone. The lunar caverns are infested with killer enemy machines! In order to reach the
extraction pad you must avoid these machines at all costs. With names like:
• Two-legged Cannon of Destruction
• Rotating Seesaw of Death
• Black Hole of Utter Sucking
• And many more!
They can’t be that bad, right? *gulp*
Do you have the precision, speed, timing and patience to explore Alien World X?★ Download for FREE today and find out! ★

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