ChuChu TV Lite - Top 50 Kids Nursery Rhymes Videos 5.2 [free]


We’re happy to introduce a new Nursery Rhymes video app for kids by ChuChu TV - the world’s most watched kids cartoon YouTube channel. All your favorite cartoons are now
available on this kid-friendly application. ChuChu TV offers hundreds of colorful educational cartoons appropriate for all kids across various age groups: toddlers (0-3
years) and preschoolers (3-5 years). Our cartoons are developed to support kids learning in fun and creative ways.
ChuChu TV App allows you to download our channel videos offline and watch them anywhere, anytime on your mobile device. This app provides an ad-free, safe and kid-friendly
viewing experience for kids of all ages. The app is easy to use and has been designed especially for Kids. We care about Kid’s privacy and safety, so the app will never
collect any personal data. In addition, the app has Parental controls and all the content can be managed and filtered by parents.
Support kids learning! ABC and Math, Nursery Rhymes and Dances, non-stop education and fun for kids. They will sing, dance and learn in a fun, creative and safe way.
ChuChu TV content promotes good values for kids, like loving, caring, sharing and helping others.
Our cartoons also adapted for early learning for babies and preschoolers.
Download and watch offline! All our YouTube content is now available to download on your devices to watch without an internet connection (offline). Reduce your data usage
while outdoors or traveling. Just download your favorite episodes and watch them anytime, anywhere.
Kids’ favorite characters like ChuChu, ChaCha, Chiku & Chika and our animal friends – Harlo, Plucky, Spotty, Chippie & Abby - are here to entertain kids all over
the world.
ChuChu TV is trusted by 18 Million happy parents all over the world & growing day by day.
● Age appropriate content
● Countless hours of high quality educational videos to download & watch offline
● Videos that support Alphabet and Math learning
● Interface designed for kids: Kids Safe and ad-free viewing experience for all ages
● Protects kids’ online privacy
● Manage videos and organize as a playlist
● Available on Smartphones and Tablets
● Parental control: Settings and Shop functions are behind a parental control wall
Please send your support requests and questions to us at [email protected] We welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas on how we can make the ChuChu TV Video
application even better for your child and you!
Developed by ChuChu TV Studios

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