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Full Drug Guide
All information about medicines, dosages, side effects and warnings, including information on allergy medicines, cold and flu medicines, constipation and diarrhea
medicines, children's medicines, blood diseases drugs, birth control and diabetes medicines.
Drugs OTC
All the information about OTC medicines that can be prescribed to the patient without reference to the treating physician, including cold and flu medicines, stomach
medicines, nerve drugs, headache drugs, constipation medicines, diarrheal drugs, cough medicines, dental and orthodontic drugs The medication directory is mostly safe, but
excessive handling causes some complications.
Allergic drugs
All information on allergy medications from dosages, side effects and warnings where medicines include allergy to children's medicines and medications for adults who are
allergic to other medications.
Medications of constipation and diarrhea
All information about constipation and diarrhea medications from doses and side effects and warnings where medicines include constipation and diarrhea on diarrheal drugs,
constipation drugs and other drugs.
Gastric medications
All information about gastric medications from doses, side effects and warnings where medicines include gastric drugs on the age of digestion, bloating drugs and other
Cold and flu medicines
All information about cold medicines and flu doses and side effects and warnings, including cold medicines and influenza on the most famous cold medicines and the most
famous influenza drugs.
Cough and cold medicines
All information on cough medicines and colds from doses and side effects and warnings where cough and cold medicines include anti-cough medicines, anti-cold medicines,
colds and other medications.

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