Ah Q Go - AlphaGo Deep Learning technology 2.6.5 [free]


The strongest Go(Weiqi/Baduk) app employing AlphaGo Deep Learning technology!
Ah Q Go(AhQ Go/AhQGo/AQ Go/AQGo) integrates 4 Go engines including LeelaZero, AQ, Ray, Pachi, that have different difficulty levels.
The highest level of LeelaZero engine has achieved 9d in KGS rating!
You can use Analyse/Review mode to review your games, or use play mode to play game with AI, or even use the battle mode to let two AIs play.
Enjoy it! ^_^
❖ Support 4 Go engines
You can choose Go engines of different difficulty according to your own level, then fine tune the level of AI by setting the time and other parameters.
❖ Support Analyse/Review mode
You can analyse your games, look for slip or tesuji, and improve your level.
❖ Support Play/Battle mode
You can play game with AI or watch the fight between AIs
❖ Support automatic horizontal and vertical screen detection
Perfect support on mobile phones, tablets and even televisions!
❖ Support 9 Go beautiful board and stone themes
Up to 9 pleasing Go board and stone themes, different themes even support different sound effects
❖ Support 3 input methods
You can choose from single tap, double tap or confirm button
❖ Support import and export SGF file
You can import and continue your game.
❖ Support Gokifu/Tencent/Sina online SGF
Here you can get real-time updated Go kifu
* Operation requirements of LeelaZero engine *
Android system version needs 6.0 and above, and only supports ARM architecture CPU!

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  • Nome del Applicazioni: Ah Q Go - AlphaGo Deep Learning technology
  • Categoria: Rompicapo e puzzle
  • Nome APK: cn.ezandroid.aq
  • Ultima versione: 2.6.5
  • Requisito: 4.1 o superiore
  • Dimensioni del file : 27.55 MB
  • tempo aggiornato: 2019-03-12