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Cinema FV-5 is a professional video camera application for mobile devices, that puts professional manual controls in your fingertips. Tailored to enth

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InstaFusion 4.0.0

One of the best and unique photo Image blender apps in the store Fully featured pro app with all features inclusive and no inapp paid add ons Fusion i

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Lenovo super camera and gallery 5.8.779.160322.f634379.super.default.p1

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AndCam3D 1.5.4

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彩虹公交 6.7.0

彩虹公交的公交数据输出给Google地图、12580、北京信息亭等上百家单位,覆盖全国300多个地级市,120个县级市,地铁覆盖全部地铁城市、夜班车数据40个城市,打车费40多个城市。数据更新业内最快,最全,最准,每天更新。 【荣获2013ChinaBang年度出行工具大奖】 【荣获2013创智杯

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BitCam 1.2

Now 50% for a limited time!BitCam is a photo app that lets you relive your pixelated past! See your world as an 8-bit video game or an ancient compute

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SpeedView 3.3.2

SpeedView is an advanced speedometer application that uses the phone's built-in GPS system to show your current, maximum and average speed, as well as

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凯立德 1.9

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TuanGou 7.5.2

点评团购专属客户端全新发布!新界面,新感觉,爱团购,就来点评团! 点评团购客户端是Android用户专享的团购应用,让您轻轻松松团购,明明白白消费。主要功能: -关键字搜索、频道筛选、按距离排序,帮您快速找到心仪团购 -更多详情图片,还有商户简介、网友点评,让你消费明白又放心 -订单管理,余

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Troll your friends! Take a photo from camera or gallery , replace the face of your friends with Rage faces , and share the result through email, Face

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易迅网 v3.2.7


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The best set of tools to help you in a travel with your Android™ phone:- Compass;- Speedometer;- GPS status;- Bubble level;- Clinometer;- Magnetometer

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屁屁驾考 2.7.3

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Car Mode 1.3.1

When Car Mode is enabled ALL calls will automatically go to speaker mode on your phone (NOT YOUR CAR'S SPEAKERS). Enable Car Mode when you get into th

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Layar 8.5.3

Connect digital content with the real world with Layar - the world’s #1 augmented reality app.Scan print materials enhanced with Layar to view rich di

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