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Meet the project management tool your team will actually enjoy using. focuses on people, success, and getting things done. Try it for free

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GAF e360 - Measurements in 3D tempo aggiornato 4.17.1

GAF e360 transforms smartphone photos of any property into a fully measured 3D model. Get detailed, accurate exterior measurements to the inch for the

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Beacon 3D+ tempo aggiornato 4.17.1

Get detailed, accurate exterior measurements to the inch for the roof and all elevations from as little as 8 smartphone photos. Trusted contractors an

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CE NESTLE DIEPPE tempo aggiornato 2.403

Ne passez plus à coté d'une information importante ou d'une prestation proposée par votre CE ! Découvrez un nouveau moyen d'être informé ! Cette appli

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ServiceKey-Mozaic-UAT tempo aggiornato

Welcome to ServiceKey Mozaic! This initial version gives customers a new interface and personal assistant called Keyva. Now, you can ask Keyva for ass

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* 핸드폰 파손, 분실 시 쉽고, 빠르게 보상서류 제출 및 진행상태 확인 하세요 [KT폰 안심케어 서비스란?] KT에서 보험사와의 제휴를 통하여 제공하는 서비스로 본 서비스에 가입된 핸드폰에 사고 발생시 기기변경 비용 및 파손 수리비의 일정 부분을 지원하는 고객 케어

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JSEC Student tempo aggiornato 1.3.2

JSEC Student est l’application qui permet aux apprenants, étudiants, stagiaires, participants… d’attester de leur présence en centre de formation. Cet

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nemonic - Sticky Notes App tempo aggiornato 1.1.33

nemonic is an innovation of sticky notes that combines both analog sticky notes with digital memo apps. You could compose a memo, take a photo or appl

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Remote Desktop Manager tempo aggiornato 2020.2.2.0

Remote Desktop Manager for Android is a free tool that enables access to all your remote connections and passwords. Used in combination with our deskt

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Work Order + 1.1.06

With this APP, maintenance workers, cleaning or other FM services can access, update and complete orders assigned, easily and on the fly work, from yo

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MultiSync for Cloud is the highly successful synchronization app to connect your iCloud account with your Android device. Sync and manage contacts, ca

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MOIA Operations - The MOIA employee app for drivers and service staff The MOIA OPS app helps you get the most out of your daily work as a MOIA driver

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DigitalPage is a machine learning based note application that helps you to quickly record and find your memo. Just enjoy leaving memos. DigitalPage wi

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Cave3D 4.0.24

Cave3D is a 3D viewer that lets you see your cave survey while you are taking it, inside the cave, and analyze it in relation to a digital terrain mod

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Acceda a los datos de su Empresa esté donde esté. Consulte o cree nuevos Artículos, Clientes y Proveedores, muestre las últimas ventas y estadísticas,

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DIZME 2.2.5

DIZME - This is me! - Bring your identity with you.

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Hands-on 3.1

An app for sales users.

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homee 2.29.1

The homee principle:  1. Product(s) With homee you can control products of different radio technologies and manufacturers. At the moment homee support

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Description: Provide fast and secure remote support using live video sharing with augmented reality. Reduce downtime as well as travel costs, by ident

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COYO Engage 3.9.0

COYO Engage is an easy to use employee app. Based on the COYO intranet platform, COYO Engage is your go-to for company news, real-time communication w

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